Unable To install VirtualBox On MacOS

If you have attempted to install VirtualBox in macOS you may have noticed the installation sometimes fails with a generic “The installation failed” error message. Then, when trying to run VirtualBox you may experience another error saying “Kernel driver not installed” and VirtualBox fails to function. We’ll cover two different resolutions to the installation/running VirtualBox problem, one involving a Gatekeeper bypass, and the other using a Gatekeeper exception (for macOS 10.14.5 or later).

How to Successfully Install VirtualBox in MacOS If It Fails

Assuming you have already downloaded VirtualBox onto the Mac (it’s free to download here), here is how you can successfully install and run VirtualBox in MacOS :

  1. Run the VirtualBox installer, as usual, you’ll eventually see the “Installation Failed” message
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  1. Quit out of the VirtualBox installer after it fails
  2. Now pull down the  Apple menu and open System Preferences
  3. Choose “Security & Privacy” and go to the ‘General’ tab within the Security preference panel, then click the lock button and enter the administrator password
  4. At the bottom of the Security General section, look for the message stating “System software from developer ‘Oracle America, Inc’ was blocked from loading” and click the “Allow” button
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  1. Relaunch the VirtualBox installer and proceed through the installation as usual, it should now succeed as expected
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Go ahead and run VirtualBox as usual, it should load fine without any further kernel driver error messages. If you are still experiencing issues, refer to the next step, which is a different procedure required in later versions of MacOS.

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