main.jsbundle does not exist [fixed]

No bundle URL present.

Make sure you’re running a packager server or
have include a .jsbundle file in your application

If you are getting this error in React Native App. you can follow following steps to fix

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Video Tutorial

Step 1:

Open the package.json file and add the following line

"build:ios": "react-native bundle --entry-file='index.js' --bundle-output='./ios/main.jsbundle' --dev=false --platform='ios'"

Now your file looks like this following screenshot

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Step 2:

Run following command. It will generate main.jsbundle file

yarn build:iosornpm run build:ios

Step 3:

Open iOS project in Xcode show as following screenshot

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Select -> Target → Build Phases

under Copy Bundle Resources click on the plus button as following screenshot.

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It will show you the prompt as shown below. Then select the file main.jsbundle and click on the Add button

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Step 4:

Try to re-run your app

npx react-native run-iosorreact-native run-ios

Step 5:

You did it

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Thank you :)

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