Golang Cognito Full Course | AWS Cognito Using Golang Free

2 min readMar 13, 2022

In this full course, You will learn how to use Golang AWS (Amazon Web Services) SDK to use Cognito services such as:

Note: There is no charge (Free) for Golang Cognito Full Course

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Course Content

00:00 Course Overview

01:08 What Is Cognito

02:09 What Is Cognito User Pool

03:28 What Is Cognito Identity Pool

05:07 Create User Pool

07:09 Create Identity Pool

08:17 Introduction To API Gateway

09:32 Create Mock API Gateway Endpoint

14:00 Create Authorization

15:30 Testing Endpoint

16:21 Golang Project Setup

20:11 Golang AWS Cognito SDK Setup

32:21 Golang Create Sign Up Method

41:11 Golang Create Confirm Method

46:33 Golang Create Sign-In Method

53:41 Testing With API Gateway

55:32 Clean Up