Do you use PayPal as a freelancer?

4 min readJan 25, 2022

Depending on whether you use PayPal as a wallet or for transactions, we will explain what is the best option for freelancers

Is PayPal a good or bad choice?

Our minds always turn to PayPal when we think of freelance. Let’s discuss we should use it or not in the future.

Apple Pay

In regards to Apple Pay, if you have a PayPal balance, you can not use it to make contactless payments such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc. It’s possible with a PayPal Master Card, but only in the United States. We will discuss this in more detail below.

PayPal Bank Withdrawal

In case you do not live in one of the following countries, you will have trouble withdrawing from PayPal to your Bank account.

  • US
  • UK
  • Europe

Many users have disputes about bank withdrawals. Even though PayPal transactions have been successful, they don’t receive money in their bank accounts.

PayPal Master Debit Card

The PayPal Debit Mastercard is now available in five new European countries — Austria, France, Ireland, Italy and Spain — in addition to its existing availability in Germany, the United Kingdom and United States. Only the countries listed above are available to you

Online Shoping

The majority of the website’s checkout procedure does not use PayPal. Instead, they accept other payment methods, such as Visa, Mastercard, etc. Thus, you can do online shopping as long as you are limited to some websites

What is best option for you?

We’d like to share our experience with the new Wise debit card

Wise Debit Card

Use Of Wise Debit Card Has Numerous Benefits

- Multiple Currency Account

Using Wise you can open multiple Currency account such as US, UK, Canada , etc. To accept different…